Mobilize with APANO Action Fund's Politico Team

APANO has led and supported campaigns that are transforming Oregon into a state where all people have the rights, recognitions, and resources needed to thrive. APANO's Political Advocacy and Civic Engagement work is fueled by volunteers and community members, and comes out of our community organizing and leadership development programs, with the goal of winning concrete changes in local ordinances, state and federal legislation, ballot measures, and other public policy.

It seeks to elevate issues through community engagement, policy research, mobilizing voters, and coordinating grassroots advocacy statewide.

APANO Politico's are key decision makers that help shape the Political Team's strategies and priorities. Politico's will have the opportunity to take action by: sharing their personal story, digital advocacy actions like signing petitions and sending emails to our legislators, submitting testimony and letters to the editor, attending events like Politico happy hours, listening sessions, fundraisers, rallies and lobby days, and getting out the vote for APANO's endorsed candidates and ballot measures by making calls, sending texts, and door knocking.