Make a Plan to VOTE!

Check & update your voter registration to be #VoteReady for the next election. You should update your registration if you move, change your name or mailing address, or want to select or change your party affiliation.

What's Changing

Use the Secretary of State’s My Vote website to:

  • Check if you are registered to vote
  • View your voter registration information
  • Update your voter registration
  • Check the status of your ballot


AAPI CVAP (Citizen Voting Age Population) 131,381

Predicted CVAP 156,540

AAPI Registered Voters 104,243

Current AAPI Registered 120,596

Total AAPI Votes Cast +43.21% 68,222

2024 Registration Gap 35,944

Oregon Voter data (updated June 27, 2023 and provided by Coulter Foundation, COCE

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