Khanh Pham

Multnomah County
State Senator, Senate District 23

Why We're Endorsing

Khanh Pham has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to championing the issues that matter most to our communities, including her participation in the Oregon Legislature BIPOC Caucus. As a visionary and bold leader, she has shown unwavering dedication to voting in alignment with her values and fighting for meaningful change. Her candidacy represents a beacon of hope for our community. With her proven track record of effective leadership and her unwavering dedication to justice and equity, making her exactly the kind of leader we need in the State Senate.

One of the most pressing challenges of our time is the urgent need for climate resilience, and Pham has been at the forefront of this crucial issue. Her advocacy for sustainable policies, her work on the Oregon Legislature Environmental Caucus and her tireless efforts to combat climate change have earned her widespread respect and admiration. In the State Senate, Pham will continue to be a powerful voice for environmental justice and the protection of our planet for future generations.

Additionally, Pham's stance against the recriminalization of drugs is a testament to her commitment to progressive and compassionate policies. At a time when regressive measures threaten to exacerbate social inequalities and perpetuate cycles of incarceration, Pham’s steadfast opposition sends a clear message that she stands with the most vulnerable members of our society.

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