November 27, 2023

A Statement of Solidarity & Call for a Ceasefire in Gaza

How to start saving money

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Why it is important to start saving

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How much money should I save?

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Despite the dominant narrative, our existence is not a zero-sum game. For any of us to truly be free, liberation can and must be experienced by all. 

As a global community, we are plagued by the violence and harm caused by white supremacy and the often-intertwined religious supremacy. They show up in a variety of ways, carried out by both individuals and the complex systems that have put up intentional barriers for us to thrive. All around the world, colonizers are targeting and killing entire families and communities to concentrate power and wealth among a select few under the guise of democracy. 

Regardless of who perpetuates its tenets, white supremacy requires the complete erasure of Black, brown and Indigenous communities which, through compounding forms of oppression, escalate into the peak of white supremacy — genocide. It continues to happen before our very eyes: in China to the Uyghurs, in Darfur to the Massalit tribe, and for the past 75+ years to the Palestinian people, among many others.

We did not get here by accident, though. The settler colonies of the U.S. and Israel have a long, shared history rooted in European colonialism. Our positionality as settlers on Indigenous land — see: Turtle Island — suppresses our ability to connect our liberation to Palestinian liberation. 

When whole groups of people are ​​stripped of their humanity, deemed terrorists and condemned to extermination, the world as a whole suffers. But we cannot look away. If we choose to be passive and neutral, we are complicit in the suffering of oppressed people and we lose some of our own humanity.

Though this is a complex situation, we cannot sit idly by. We at APANO AF join the rallying cry for a permanent ceasefire. 

We call for life-saving resources like food, water and supplies to be allowed into Gaza. We commit to being accountable and responsive to how we, as a settler country, contribute to their suffering. We support Palestinians as they advocate for their autonomy and the right to return home. 

We call on the U.S. government to use our tax dollars to fund universal health care, quality education, livable wages, and housing and food security rather than support the militarization of the U.S. police force and the Israeli government in their genocide, illegal occupation and collective punishment of Palestinians

We feel the sadness and heartbreak deeply at APANO. If you feel so moved, join us in this call for justice.

  1. Contact Congress | Send an email to Stop the Gaza Genocide, and make a call to demand a Ceasefire Now

  2. Boycott | Support the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement

  3. Sign the petition | Take action to end Oregon’s investment in Israeli oppression

  4. Protest | For local actions, follow these IG accounts: 

We invite you to participate as you’re able and to stay informed. Below are some recommended resources:


Statements from partners and allies

Additional Learning Tools

  • Palestine Remix is an interactive website intended to educate about the little-known narratives of the Palestinian-Israeli story. Use the menu toggle on the top middle section of the home screen to navigate through the website's offerings.
  • Decolonize Palestine is a great decolonial resource for additional historical context on Palestine.
  • Palestine 101, an online learning tool
  • Palestinian Liberation Resource List, curated by the Popular University of the Palestinian Youth Movement



+ Actions to Take

  • Ceasefire Today: A collection of resources for emailing congress, signing petitions, finding a rally near you, donating, and more.
  • Text “Gaza” to 96904 for an easy way to contact your senators and representatives. Try to change up the subject line to avoid email filters and being sent to spam. This should take less than 5 minutes. 
  • Follow on the ground journalists in Gaza, educators, and local organizers on Instagram

We are witnessing a genocide in real time and we must take immediate action to end it. Thank you for joining us in this vital effort.