HB 2089

Measure 110 of the 2020 general election established the Drug Treatment and Recovery Services Fund (DTRSF) as an additional new use for marijuana revenues.

Associated Bills:


  • Directs Department of Revenue to transfer specified amount of moneys from Oregon Marijuana Account to cities and counties in this state and to State Police Account.
  • Changes the distribution formula for Oregon Marijuana Account.
  • Takes effect on 91st day following adjournment sine die.


  • Measure 91 of 2014 and distributions formula.
  • Measure 110 of 2020 with distribution caps and other uses.
  • The reductions to cities and counties form the cap on distributions.
  • The needs of the drug treatment programs and addiction services the pressures on the industry.
  • Possible impacts of the bill on different beneficiaries of M-110 and M-91.


Marijuana revenue (prior to Measure 110 of the 2020 general election) was fully distributed according to the following permanent formula established by Measure 91 (2014)